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CH. Jackpot! EZ Keeper Pettybull...

Note: Keeper passed in February of 2010, but I have not felt up to changing this page completely. Hold him in your heart, he was a great dog.

Keeper is a love of a dog and a pleasure to live with. His big square head and classic Frenchie face make him a special boy. He is so healthy and sound and loves to run, play and in general, just be a BOY!

Keeper is throwing his big head and sweet temperament. His kids are doing extremely well in the show ring and as producers in their own right!

Keeper has made me very proud and most of all, I just love living with Oh yes, Keeper feels that silly Baby Favor seems to get all the credit, but HE is the father of Francesca, Martha Stewart's first Frenchie. He is very proud of his part of the creation - teehee.

OFA Hips Fair FBU-128F27M-PI

OFA Elbows Normal FBU-EL71M27-PL

OFA Patellas Normal FBU-PA204/19/M/P-PI

OFA Cardiac Normal FBU-CA139/P-PI

Click here for Keeper's pedigree