jackpot french bulldogs

The only thing wrong with dogs is they do not live long enough. I have reached the stage in breeding dogs where some of my first ones are succumbing to old age and crossing over. Death is a part of life and helps us appreciate the ones we have. I know they never truly leave us, but are here in spirit. But, I still miss them.

CH. Tea-D's Joker's Wild Jackpot was a great dog. He was arrogant, bossy, kinda grumpy and all who knew him loved him fiercely. He demanded it. Joker passed away here at home, calmly, in my arms, knowing he was adored. He was thirteen and lived life like the little king he was. We miss you, Little Man. Thank you, Michele Copen, for sharing this photo.

Jackpot! Velvet Dreams Petty. EZ's sister, was a sassy, fun,
fireball of a girl. She was a pleasure to be around and after
her retirement from being a mom went to live with Vicki
Gronbach in Iowa. There she was in parades, visited schools as a
canine ambassador and more. Sweet dreams, dear Velvet.

Int'l. Mex. Am. CH. Jackpot! EZ Come...EZ Go...was a delight. He was a Group Winning, Top Ranked, Top Producing French Bulldog, but most of all he was so sweet. Not only did his children get his classic Frenchie looks, they got his loving personality and charm. EZ spent the last five years of his life adored by the De Boer family (Du Petit Fripon Frenchies) in The Netherlands. We are touched EZ lived with them and added his part to the breed in Europe. We honor your achievements and miss you dearly, EZ.

CH. Jackpot! Kwik Pik Tiket Petty, every single dog in my breeding program has Kwik Pik in their pedigree. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am to have had her in my life. She was my matron of honor at our wedding! But most of all, she shared the last ten years of her life with Jim, Jackie, Henry, Emmitt and Otto as their friend and mentor. Kwik Pik lives life large, all 14 years of it! Forever in our hearts...Kwik Pik.